Spirited Talks on Creating Alivelihoods
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10 Feb 2019 Launch
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10 February 2019
Per Person (Free)
4:30 am - 7:30 am
10 February 2019 4:30 am - 7:30 am
Per Person (Free)
Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Spirited Talks is coming to Pune! Greetings from Bhoomi Network Spirited Talks is back this year with the theme of creating a livelihood in the green sector and coming together to recognize the immense possibilities that exist in the fields of Sustainable Tourism, Local Food Markets, and Education for Sustainability. Background While one cannot diminish the popularity of TED talks and how it has revitalized the dying lecture format, there is a need to explore newer experiments in conversations. What we need are spaces that can be more interactive, inclusive and facilitate deeper sharing between practitioners and within the larger community on things that affect us as humans, our community environments and the planet at large.The focus of Spirited Talks will be to raise awareness among the youth of the city on the various avenues that exist within the social and environmental sector to create meaningful livelihoods for themselves. The event will see influencers from the civil society and eco-entrepreneurs sharing their own inspirational stories of transitioning into 'Alivelihoods' and of other individuals and communities who are leading community movements with the city's youth.So if you would like to explore alternatives livelihoods that are good for you and for the planet, join us for this half-day event where we will showcase some of the opportunities and possibilities that exist in creating ’Alivelihood' and not deadlihood for yourself 

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